Вы имеете полное право не верить мне, и даже мне совершенно всё равно, верите ли вы мне или нет, но вы не имеете повода сказать мне это.

Everytime, Everytime,
Everytime we touch (I feel it).

Everytime we touch,
Emotions that I cant contain,
Are sweeping over me again.
Everytime we touch,
Sensations I can not explain,
Are washing all away my pain.
Everytime we touch,
A magic spring from deep inside,
Comes into me like breathe of light.
Everytime we touch,
Something takes a hold of me,
Everytime we touch!

Everytime we touch,
Heaven and Earth collide,
Everything feels so right.
Everytime we touch.
This feeling takes over me,
Something takes over me.
Everytime we touch (Yeah!)

And I feel so good inside (Yeah!)

Everytime we touch.
The secrets of my beating heart
Are breaking free out of the dark,
Everytime we touch.
All the things I can't express,
Feel me with such happiness,
Everytime we touch.
All the changes that helped me father,
Broke and crumbling to the ground,
Everytime we touch,
Something takes a hold of me!
Everytime we touch!

And it feels so good inside!
And I feel it, so alive and,
Everything that feels so right.
And I feel it so alive,
Everything that feels so right (yeah yeah!).

And I can sing it forever, feel forever,
And I don't want this feeling to end!

Everytime we touch!

@музыка: David Guetta - Everytime We Touch

@настроение: (inlove)