Вы имеете полное право не верить мне, и даже мне совершенно всё равно, верите ли вы мне или нет, но вы не имеете повода сказать мне это.
Опять вспоминаю эту песню... Опять прокручиваю в голове эти слова... опять всё продолжается с новой силой....

Every good girl's got a real good reason
To believe in breaking all the rules sometimes
Well, I'm that girl, baby you're that reason
And you see it's caused me to cross the line

You lie, but I'm a pretty good liar
You chose a game I can play better
You're bright, oh but baby I'm clever
So you might as well let me tell you

It's not too late to do yourself a favor and walk away
Though I know that's never been your nature
By the way you put yourself in danger 'cause you're
Playing with my heart, playing with my heart
Playing with my heart

@музыка: Kate Voegele - Playing with my heart